Our Mission

MarkPatent.Org is actively associated and dedicated to the support and advancement of Intellectual Property elements. The main object of the organization is to provide in-depth understanding to those who are involved and know the Intellectual Property laws relating toTrademark, Patent, Copyright, Design, and Cyber and to create awareness of such laws among the genral public.

The founders of the organization realized a need for a dedicated entity “to create awareness of Intellectual Property Rights among Attorneys, Advocates, Professors, Law students and also among Manufacturers, Industrialists, Traders etc”, Thus MarkPatent.Org was founded.

MarkPatent.Org undertakes various activities at local, national and International levels by organizing trade fairs, exhibitions, seminars, lectures, and study circle activities to propagate the knowledge of Intellectual Property Laws to the layman, thus creating awareness, developing recognition and acceptance of the Intellectual Property Rights.