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MarkPatent.Org is actively associated and dedicated to the support and advancement of Intellectual Property elements. The main object of the organization is to provide in-depth understanding to those who are involved and know the laws regarding Trademark act, Patent act, Copyright act, Design act, and Cyber act related to Intellectual Property and will bring awareness of such laws to the common man...Read More

About MarkPatent.Org is established in 2004, is based in the Heart of the City of Ahmedabad in India. Strategically close to airports, railway station and major motorways.Very few people and organizations in our city know about Patent and Trade Marks. To understand more deeply about the Patent and Trade Marks and to make awareness of Intellectual Property rights, we have started organizing Seminars...Read More

Recent Seminar

13th Annual International Seminar 17th - 18th February 2018 The Hotel Ummed (Ahmedabad)


Dr.Rajeshkumar Acharya


Dr. Ing. Mario Sergio GOLAB




Mr. Kevin MURPHY


Mr. Wilson Pinheiro JABUR


Mr. Padmin BUCH


Dr. David HO


Mr. Yoshihiro KIYOHARA


Mr. Chirag PATEL

Dr. Mayuri PANDYA

Mr. David S. COLB


Mr. Quadeer AHMED

Mr. Fabio SANT’ANA

Mr. Yogesh BAJAJ

Mr. Yawar Irfan KHAN

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