Our Mission

Markpatent.Org established in 2004, is based in the heart of the city of Ahmedabad in India. Strategically close to airport, railway station and major motorways. As awareness levels in Intellectual Property rights are abysmally low ,Markpatent.Org organises seminars, workshop and training sessions to educate to general public and those involved in trade and bussiness.

Since its inception, MarkPatent.Org. has been organising annual intenational seminars in Ahmedabad and workshops and seminars across Gujarat in collabaration with GITCO( Gujarat Industrial & Technical Consultancy Organisation Ltd.) and IDMA(Indian Drug Manufacturers Association) . These seminars have evoked great response not only from the bussiness and industrial community but also from students and the general public. The pharma sector has been one of the biggest beneficiares of such efforts. The participants in such seminars incloude lawyors and attorneys from in india and abroad and learned judges, sitting and retired.


  1. Patent
  2. Trademarks
  3. Other related factors like Design,Copyright,Geographical indications

After attending the seminars, people have come to know more or less about Intellectual Property rights. Further we are sure, through frequent seminars, people will be fully aquainted with Patent,Trademarks,design,copyright and geographical indications.

Dr. Rajeshkumar H. Acharya is a Trustee of Markpatent.Org. He has completed B.Sc (specialized in Chemistry),LLB and Ph.D (specialized in Pharmaceuticals). He is Patent Trademark Agent and Attorneys practising since 1977. His various research work has been published in National and International Journals and Magazines on “Technical and IPR Laws”.